• Mounting Rail

    Size: TS35 x 7.5, 1m length

  • Capacitor

    10uf to 150uf

  • Panel Meter

    Sizes: 96, 72, 48, 6L2, 42L6, 42L20, 99T1

  • Electrical Lamp

    Halogen Twin Head Worklight Combo Lighting Area sq. ft. 300, Power Cord ft. 4, Dimensions L x W x H in. 21 1/2 x 22 x 69, Tripod Height in. 22

  • Compressor Switch

    Available in Three phase and Single Phase

  • Limit Switches

    Lever Type, Roller Type, Spring Loaded, Tappet Type

  • Industrial Socket

    Amps: 16A, 32A, 64A; Poles: 2P+E, 3P+E, 3P+N+E; Voltage: 220V, 380V

  • Arc Guard System

    The Arc Guard has become an industry standard in several key markets, helping to protect personnel and businesses around the world. The Arc Guard System is an optical detection system that together with an external breaker can limit the damage done to personnel and equipment in case of an arc accident happening.