• Generator

    Capacity: 20KW to 1MW Type: Open, Silent

  • Welding Carriage

    Gecko is a portable fillet welder designed to produce consistent high-quality welds. Constant and repeatable travel speed enables weld bead geometry that is exact to the required specifications.

  • Beveling Machine

    BM-21 is one of the best tools for machining plates and pipes prior to welding. Most important features include: Single milling head equipped with 10 square inserts, that makes machining process far more efficient with little operator’s effort. Fast and easy way of exchange of inserts. Extended working range from 0 to 60 degrees with continuous angle adjustment.

  • Pneumatic Magnetic Drill

    PRO-35 ADA ATEX is an extremely small portable air drilling machine designed for work on any construction site and industrial installations where electric appliances are prohibited for safety reasons. It conforms to ATEX II 2 G/D c IIC T6/T4 Standard for equipment used in hazardous environments.

  • Hydraulic Punchers

    Portable, double-action hydraulic punchers are an easy to handle, modern machines designed for punching holes with diameter up to 27mm. Intelligent control system and automatic load detection ensure safe and fast operation.

  • Brake Lathe

    Processing Diameter—Brake Drum: 180—450 mm ; Processing Diameter—Brake Disc: <420 mm ; Rotating Speed of work piece: 30/52/85 rpm ; Max. Travel of tool: 170 mm ; Feeding Rate: 0.16 mm/revolution ; Motor Power: 1.1 KW