• Hydraulic Hose Crimping Service

    Capacity: Up to 2 inch hoses

  • Hyd System Test Points

    This coupling builds up an interface to a running hydraulic system. According to the test point, we/Hydrotechnik offers a huge portfolio of high pressure hoses with diverse kind of fittings, as well as gauges. Analog and digital gauges are available within a set, but also separately. Special versions of the test point for gas applications are available.

  • Hyd system measuring Sensors

    Available for diverse measuring ranges, e.g. pressure, temperature, flow and other variables.

  • Turbine volume flow meter

    The turbine volume flow meter functions according to the flow principle. A medium flow through a tube in an axial direction and makes the turbine wheel turning. The single turns are caught by a signal pick-up which changes the signals in digital impulses. Our turbine volume flow meters are available in different measurement ranges from 1 until 1000 l/min. Your benefit at a glance:  Easy to handle: Good reliability, low error limits  Easy to install  Low energy loss, long life  Real-time information  Short response time  Linearisation in the measuring instrument  Low flow resistance, suitable for lots of media  Low weight, small dimensions and arbitrary mounting position  High media temperature and working pressure up to 5801 psi  Small delta-P (differential pressure)  Media viscosity up to 270 mm2/s (cSt)

  • MultiSystem 8050

    The MultiSystem 8050 is a control unit. It has a total of 32 channels (optional 40), clear display, and a large number of measured values that can be presented easily. This makes the MultiSystem 8050 an ideal instrument for measurements at complex systems. Six output channels offer even more possibilities. Benefits:  Suitable for complex measurements: Up to 30 channels, optionally 40, shown on one TFT display at the same  Clear and user-friendly: Touchscreen display and logical menu structure  Live-analysis of the measured data: perfect line charts on the huge monitor  Universal possibilities for applications: analog and digital inputs and outputs, diverse interfaces

  • MultiHandy 2025

    Measure precisely complex modern hydraulic system data  Easy & fast: connect, measure, read & record: Pressure, Temperature, Flow, RPM etc  Flexible & multifunctional: measure most industrial sensor inputs - both analogue and frequency  Digital & powerful: measure pressure peaks easily stored and recalled  Precise and sustainable: Made to the highest standards to suit your environment  Fast & Ready: Fast data transmission for accurate recording & sharing of key events

  • Hoses / Hose Line / Hose Pipe

    We/ Hydrotechnik delivers pricked hoses in DN 2 and DN 4 with various fittings. Our Hoses are made for different kind of working pressures e. g. 315 bar, 400 bar or 630 bar. Choose the right material for your application out of a portfolio of six different hose materials. Our service provides a production of every length of hose which is needed.

  • Particle counter

    Partical Counter / Patrick is an optical particle monitor working according to the light-extinction principle. It can be used to monitor the impurity level and the purity trend of liquids very accurately. The purity classes can either be displayed according to ISO4406:99 or SAE AS4059E. The data transfer can be managed flexible via CAN or RS 232. If your PC does not have a RS 232 interface, you can transfer the data with an USB-to-RS232-adaptor. Patrick enables diagnosis and controlling of the quality of the oil of hydraulic systems. Condition Monitoring is the supervision of the status of a machine or plant, to draw conclusions on the demand for maintenance or repair measures from the changing of certain parameters. This allows planning such measures exactly and possibly reducing downtimes significantly.