Sensing & Measuring Solutions

We supply a wide range of product in the field of Measuring& Testing instrumentation, by giving complete product categories of technically advanced, portable meters including multimeters, clamp meters, electrical testers, and environmental meters for the measurement of light, sound, temperature, humidity, airflow, RPMs, and water quality, Pressure gauges, Precision Instruments etc.

  • Pressure Gauges:

    Utility pressure gauges, SS Brass pressure Gauges, SS pressure gauges, Phenolic case pressure gauges, Test pressure gauges, Differential pressure gauges, Piston type DP gauge, Electronic pressure gauge, Vacuum Gauge, Refrigerant pressure gauges, Gauge mounting accessories etc.

  • Pressure Switch:

    Compact pressure switch, Mechanical pressure switch, Diaphragm pressure switch, Electrical pressure switch, Flame proof pressure switch etc.

  • Transmitters and Controllers:

    Differential pressure transmitter, Submersible pressure transmitter, Digital pressure recorder, pressure transmitter, Digital Monometer, Industrial pressure transmitter, Digital temperature sensors, Panel mount indicator / Controller etc.

  • Temperature Gauges

    Capilary Temperature gauges, BI-Metal / Gas filled temperature gauges, Pressure temperature gauges, Oil level temperature gauges, Freezer Thermometer, Glass refill thermometer, Digital temperature gauge, Concrete Thermometer, Thermowell etc.

  • Temperature Sensor

    Precision hand held thermometer, Cable type RTD thermometer, Head type RTD thermometer, Room thermometer, Humidity / Temperature measuring instrument, Flame proof RTD etc.

  • Tank Mounting

    Level switch, Level transmitter etc.

  • Flow

    Flow meters, Turbine flow meters, Electromagnetic flow meter, Flow Indicator, Digital Flow controller, Flow switch, Single jet water meter, Plastic flow meter etc.

  • Portable Meters

    Digital Multimeter, Salinity meter, Sound level meter, Elcometer, IR Thermometer, Gas detectors, Ultrasonic flow detectors, Ultrasonic thickness gauge, Digital clamp etc.

  • Optical Measuring and Analytical Instruments

    Spectrum analyzer, Flue gas analyzer, Water hardness analyzer, Oxygen analyzer, Moisture analyzer, Brookfield Viscometer, Hand held spectrometer, Hydrotest pump, workshop Microscope, Hardness tester, Nitrogen concentrator etc.

  • Electrical Measuring Instruments

    PAT Tester, Multimeters, Clamp meters, Megohmmeters, Power meters, Data Loggers, Electrical / Oscilloscopes, Dew point, Electrical / Temperature Calibrators, Air velocity, Manometers, Data recorders, Process indicators, Tachometers, Light meters, Vibration meters, PH/Laboratory meters, Environmental meters, Leak detectors, Wind / Weather meters etc.