Fire Safety & Security Systems

Ray International provides wide range of high effective and quality fire fighting equipment including portable, automatic and wheeled fire extinguishers, which meet the requirements and standards of Royal Oman Police, Civil Defense, Fire Preventation Department-Sultanate of Oman, GCC, Asia and European Norm BS 5423 & BS / EN3 3.1 & 3.3. 

Our products:

Wide range of products/ systems approved by Royal Oman Police, Kite Marked, LPCB approved and UL/FM certified.
  • Fire Hydrant System-Dry/Wet Barrel & Underground type.
  • Sprinkler system / Deluge Water Spray system / Pre action system.
  • Various range of UL/FM approved automatic sprinklers and Spray Nozzles.
  • Alarm valves / Deluge Valves / Zone control valves/ Lock Shield valves /Pressure reducing valves.
  • Monitors, Hoses and Nozzles.
  • FM 200 system.
  • Foam system.
  • CO2 Fire Extinguishing system.
  • Dry powder system.
  • All types of valves.
  • Firefighting pump sets-UL/FM/NFPA/ROP Approved-All types and sizes.
  • Booster pump sets.
  • Fire alarm system-conventional and addressable type
  • Beam detectors / flame detectors / Air sampling system.
  • Emergency / Exit lighting system.
  • Gas pipeline system-Industrial Gas, Residential Gas etc.
  • Fire blanket and safety equipment.
  • Gas pipeline system-industrial gas, residential gas etc.
  • Fire rated doors.
  • Inert Gas (IG 100) systems.
  • Water Mist Systems.
  • Wet chemical for kitchen Hood Systems.

Application Industries:
Oil, petrochemical, power & water sectors, Construction.