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INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CENTER LLC has been in cooperation with ABB as channel partner for more than 10 years.

The ABB-wide channel program is called the ABB Value Provider Program. The authorized members of this program are called ABB Value Providers and Industrial Supplies Center LLC is one of the ABB Value Provider for Electrical Motors in Oman.


ISC delivers the authorized offering of sales, support, service and engineering in close cooperation with ABB. We bring ABB`s products and services straight to the customer`s front door.


  • Process Performance Induction Motor

    ABB Process performance induction motors are tough, high quality products designed for durability in the most demanding environments and applications. They are ideally suited to process industries and heavy duty applications – sectors like mining, cement and paper - where motors have to meet high requirements for reliability, availability and efficiency in harsh conditions.| Product range | Cast iron : M3BP - IEC frame sizes 71 to 450, Aluminum : M3AA - IEC frame sizes 56 to 280, Output power : 0.12 to 1000 kW, Efficiency : IE2, IE3, IE4

  • Low Voltage Flameproof Motors

    ISC offers ABB`s full range of IECEx/ATEX certified low voltage flameproof IE2 and IE3 motors, according to IEC 60034-30-1;| Output power : 0.55 to 950 kW | Frame size: IEC 80 to 450| Number of poles: 2 to 12| Efficiency class: IE2, IE3 | Voltages : All commonly used voltages | Frequency : 50/60 Hz | Frame material Cast iron Protection | IP55 (optionally IP56, IP65 and IP66)| Protection level Ex db and Ex db eb, IIB/IIC T4 Gb | Certificates : IECEx/ATEX certified | Features : Certified for variable speed drive

  • Increased Safety Ex ec Low Voltage Motors - Zone 2

    ISC offers ABB’s full range of ATEX certified low voltage Increased safety Ex ec IE2 and IE3 high efficiency motors. Motors are designed to meet the needs of each customer and each application where protection against the risk of dust or gas explosions is required. | Output power : 0.5 to 950 kW | Frame size :IEC 160 to 450 | Frame material : Cast Iron and Aluminum| Number of poles : 2 to 8| Voltages :All commonly used voltages | Frequency : 50 or 60 Hz| Protection: IP 55 or better | Protection type For zone 2| Temperature classes T1 - T3 | Gas group IIC | Certificates : According to ATEX Directive | Features : Certified for variable speed drive

  • General Performance Motor

    ISC Stock ABB General Performance motors in Oman. These motors are suitable for OEMs to build into pumps and fans, as well as for gearboxes, conveyors, general machinery and other applications. Most standard designs are available from stock, while customer and application specific solutions are manufactured to order and can be tailored to meet specific needs. Cast iron M2BAX - Frame sizes 71 to 355, Output power: 0.18 to 355 kW Efficiency class: IE1, IE2, IE3

  • Brake Motor

    ISC supply ABB brake motors which are of high performance and ensuring a reliable service over the lifetime. Brake motors are used for various applications where instantaneous stopping of the driven load is required. The operation of the brake is that the brake gets engaged when the electrical power to the motor is shut down or the power fails. Output power from 0.12 to 22 kW | Frame sizes 71 to 180 | IE2 and IE3 efficiency classes

  • Food Safe Stainless Steel Motor

    ISC supply ABB`s Food Safe stainless steel motors for food and beverage plants can withstand high pressure cleaning, easily maintaining hygiene standards while reducing downtime. Designed for industries requiring high hygiene like meat, poultry, fish, dairy, beverage and wherever high food safety is essential. Features: Smooth stainless steel enclosures easy to clean and sanitize | IP69 for water protection rating ensures suitability for clean in place washdown procedures | Encapsulated windings prevent any water and moisture from reaching the windings | Low surface temperature with less operation costs due to high efficiency | H1 food grade synthetic grease | Motors are available in the power range 0.18 - 7.5 kW, 2-6 pole for 230-690 V at 50 and 60 Hz.

  • NEMA Ex Motors

    ISC supply NEMA Frame Explosion Proof Baldor motors. These motors are suitable to stand up against the most demanding industrial environments where protection against the elements and condensation is needed. Motors come equipped with UL Breather Drains that protect against condensation build up. These motors are designed to protect against hazardous gases, vapors and dusts that have explosive properties. Our highly engineered shaft sealing system protects against all three hazardous dust groups. Features: Three phase (1 – 250 hp) | NEMA Frames 143T – 449T | Foot mounted and C-face footed design | 230/460, 460 volts | UL & CSA certification | Class I Group C&D, Class II Group E, F&G | T3C temperature code | Inverter-Duty | IP55 thru 320 frame, IP66 360 frame and larger | All cast iron construction

  • Motor Drives & Inverters

    ISC supply AC Motor Drives are used to efficiently control motor speed, improve machine automation and save energy. Each Drive series is designed to meet specific application needs. AC drives accurately controls speed and torque, smoothly handle an increased load, and provide numerous custom control and configuration operating modes.

  • AC Servomotors & Drives

    AC Servo and AC Servo Control System give the optimum technique for accomplishing automation and control technology

  • Program Logic Controls

    Programmable logic controller (PLC) is a control system using electronic operations. It’s easy storing procedures, handy extending principles, functions of sequential/position control, timed counting and input/output control are widely applied to the field of industrial automation control.