Pipe Fittings

In Fittings we deal with Forged Steel Fittings, Malleable Iron Fittings, Ductile Iron Grooved Fittings, Ductile Iron Flanged Fittings, Branch fittings.

  • Forged Steel Fittings (Threaded & Socket Welded)

    Type: Elbows, Tee, Unions, Socket, Reducing Bush, Hex Nipple, Swage Nipple,Welded Outlet, Nipple Outlet, Elbow Outlet, Socket Welding Outlet, Threaded Outlet. Sizes: ½” to 6” Standard: ASTM A105 & ASTM A182 Grade in Class 3000,6000,Sch40,80,160, XXS

  • Butt-weld Fittings

    Type: Elbow long & Short Radius, Equal & Reducing Tee, Eccentric Reducer, Concentric Reducer, Cap, Weld O-let Sizes: 15mm to 1200 mm Standard: ASME/ASTM, MSSP, BS1965

  • Malleable Iron Fittings

    Type: Elbows,Reducing Elbows,Tees,Unions,Sockets, ReducingSockets,ReducingBushes,HexNipples, Reducing Nipples, Caps, Pitcher Tees. Sizes: ¼” to 6” Standard: ANSI / ASME / BS / EN10242

  • Ductile Iron Grooved Fittings

    Type: Rigid Couplings, Flexible Couplings, Reducing Couplings, Elbow, Tees, Mechanical Tees, Concentric Reducers, Flange Adaptors. Sizes: 1” to 6” Standard: ASTM A126,ASTM Gr-65-45-12, ASTM A183 (Red Painted &Galvanised)

  • Ductile Iron Flanged Fittings

    Type: Socket type, with T-lock system, Cement lined, Flanged end Fittings Sizes: 80 mm-1600 mm Standard: ISO / EN