We are specialized in the supply of quality Lifting gear to the Marine, Oil &Gas, offshore and Engineering & Construction Industries.
We represent quality products from reputed manufacturers/ origin of rigging products as follows:
These products will be tested and certified and a relevant certificate will be provided along with the supply.

  • Electrical Lifting Winch

    Lifting Capacity: 1 Ton

  • Electric Chain Hoist

    Capacity: 1 Ton to 15 Ton

  • Snatch Pulley

    Capacity: 0.3 Ton to 32 Ton

  • Bottle Jack

    Capacity: 0.5 Ton to 50Ton

  • Magnetic Lifter

    Capacity: 100Kg to 6000Kg

  • Pallet Jac

    Capacity: 1Ton to 3Ton

  • Lever block

    Capacity: 0.5 Ton to 10Ton

  • Chain Block

    Capacity: 1 Ton to 10 Ton

  • Hooks

    Capacity: Eye Hoist Hooks. Sizes 3/4 metric ton Carbon through 22 metric ton Types: Swivel lifting Hooks Eye Hook Eye Lifting Hooks with safety Latch

  • D – Shackle

    Types: Pin Type Bow Shackle Pin Type D Shackle Bow Shackle with safety bolt & Nut D Shackle with safety bolt & Nut Turn Buckle Forged hoist ring Eye Bolt