Heavy Lift Trailers

 INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CENTER represnets CHINA HEAVY TRANSPORTER in the region. With an immense experience  we are able to cover an extremely wide range of requirements for any transport task. Recognised Worldwide, we have proven time and again its solution competence in the challenging combined transportation fields covering the modes of transport road, rail, sea and air. Our special trailers are distributed through the world. 

  • Modular Trailer – Multi Axle

    Capacity: 22.5tons/axle line @ 18km/h ; Platform width: 2,990mm ; Tire: 215/75 R17.5 8 tires / axle line ; Steering Mechanism: Hydraulic - mechanic all-wheel steering ; Suspension : Hydraulic Suspension ; Support mode of platform: 3 points and 4 points ; Brake system: Dual pipeline control. Dual shoe brake and spring brake for all axles ; Max.steering angle of first wheel: 55°

  • Self Propelled Modular Trailer

    Self Propelled Modular transporter is consist of Power Pack Unit (PPU) and Modular Unit Trailer, Remote Control. The Modular Unit Trailers are generally available with four or six axles. It divided into drive axle, brake axle, pendulum axle. The energy for the hydrostatically driven and electronically controlled transporters is supplied by a power-pack unit. All sorts of driving manoeuver can be carried out with the steering programs. All-wheel steering along and cross, Diagonal steering along and cross, Front-wheel and rear-wheel steering and Circle steering, with a single vehicle as well as in coupling mode. And for PPU, we have different brand engine: DEUTZ, BENZ, MAN, CUMMINS. We can manufacture as your practical project need and provide the best solution and configuration for you to make full use of your existing modular trailer and resource.

  • Lowbed Trailer

    CAPACITY: 30-90 Tons capacities ; CHASSIS AND STRUCTURE: Platform size: 8000 – 10500 mm varies according to demand. Lowbed can be extendable ; Total Length: Variable ; Total Width: 2550 mm – 3300 mm varies according to demand ; AXLES: 3 pcs Axles, each one is with 12-14-16 tons ; LOADING RAMPS: Manufactured with air or hydraulic piston from NPU with 160 ; BRAKE SYSTEM: The WABCO or Haldex brand ABS or EBS brake system which is designed according to the European Standards is used. It consists of automatic brake ratchets, brake valves and brake bellows of 30 ; SUSPENSION SYSTEM: It consists of automatic height adjusting system, Parabolic Z leaf springs, Suspension bellows, shock absorbers restricting extensive shaft movements and vibrations.

  • Extendable Trailer

    Due to its Extendable loading platform, the flatbed semi-trailer is ideally suited for the transport of particularly long or bulky loads. Its lightweight design, its greater steering angle and the low loading platform height additionally guarantees optimum manoeuvrability with the highest possible payload.

  • Hydraulic Gooseneck

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  • Drop deck

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  • Lowboy Trailer

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